Clio's Team Day is a two day internal conference that celebrated the year before and sets up employees for the year to come. With speakers, group activities and social events, the company comes together to learn, mingle and plan for the next year.
Clio's 2018 Team Day was based on the idea of coming together to retool, reconnect and reset. Retool by gaining new exciting new skills and learnings. Reconnect with each other, across teams and with people we'd never met as the company was growing by the day. And reset as it'd been a huge year and people were feeling it. We wanted Clio employees to leave the conference feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle 2019 head on. 
The brand for Team Day had to reflect the empowering content that was going to be presented and worked through by employees for those two hugely important days. Based in Whistler, I wanted to feature the amazing landscape that we were surrounded by, also connecting to the idea of being refreshed and rejuvenated by the outdoors.

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