In February 2017, Whippets client, Coles Car Insurance, was looking for a fresh new way to drive home sales. In partnering with Adshel, the provider of poster and digital advertising on street furniture across Australia and New Zealand, we were able to utilize new 'live' digital outdoor technology called 'Adshel Live'. 'Adshel Live' offered the exciting opportunity to live update advertising based on time and context. 
The team got together to research, brainstorm and sketch out concepts that pushed the boundaries and explored the possibilities of the dynamic new technology. The final concept depicted the hero character trapped in an ice cube that gradually melted away each day, partnered with messaging that alerted the viewer to the impending final days of the campaign.
The ads were displayed at major train, bus and tram stops across Australia during peak travel times, during the morning commute to work and during the afternoon rush hour. The intention of the campaign was for the commuters to see the artwork change slightly each day, creating a subtle sense of urgency as the campaign drew to a close.
Lead designer: Matt Coughlan

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