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Clio is the market leader in legal practice management software in North America, the industry's only end-to-end solution to manage and grow a law firm.
The majority of the Clio's new leads come in via the website, and therefore, it had to reflect the innovative and fresh brand that Clio, and Clio's products represent. However, nearing the end of 2018, the website had become out of date, and no longer reflected the product and the company. 

The Problem
Clio was scaling quickly, regularly adding new products and features, but the website was not built to scale at the same pace.
Time was often wasted creating new landing pages from scratch. This meant that the new scrappy pages weren't in line with the brand, and varied hugely from one to the next, making Clio look careless and messy.
The platform to date had been known to service solo, small, and mid-sized firms. Clio wanted to redefine this notion, finding a way to tap into the large firm market in order to maintain sustained growth.
The website traffic had been down, and because marketing needed to attract a considerably higher number of leads in order to hit their targets, the team decided to invest in focused SEO content. The only thing was, the brand, the tone, and the messaging, were misrepresenting the company that Clio had grown into over the last decade.
UI Design
Web Design
Design Research
Branding & Identity
A/B Testing
Icon Development
•  Introduce Clio’s new products, and establish market leadership in new categories.
•  Convey Clio’s story and cement the role as market leader.
•  Situate Clio as a thought leader in legal practice and client management through “client-centred lawyering”.
•  Successfully market to large firms, growing the business customer base. 
The Opportunity
How might we evolve to reflect Clio’s growth and market leadership more effectively, whilst developing more scalable system?​​​​​​​
Guiding Principles
User-centred Focus
Consider every user and every firm size. Make the site feel personal and tailored to all that visit, including large firms.
Empowering Experience
Enable to user to feel as though they are able to reach new heights in their business through the assistance of Clio.
Simplicity & Clarity
Make the experience of being on effortless and enjoyable for the user.
Personality & Presence
Clio should feel like the users ‘trusted advisor’, as if Clio is reliable enough to be their their personal assistant. 
The Process
The team worked closely with an external UX designer, content strategists, product marketers, and engineers, to ensure alignment in the business goals, and what success looked like for everyone.
We began the process by completing a brand audit and update. By doing so, we were able to better demonstrate Clio's value proposition within the market, and facilitate the future website scalability.
Through wireframe development, and working with the UX designer to test and iterate on prototypes, we determined that, to the user, all practice management software looked and felt the same to users. Clio was by far a stand out in the market, however, users and prospects had no idea about the untapped value that the platform had to offer. 
It became imperative to differentiate Clio from its competitors by bringing value - including new products and features - to the forefront of the website, while making it clear and easy for the user to understand. ​​​​​​​
User Insight
Previously, the website header menu had been designed with a focus on solutions for law firms, broken down into the categories; clients, work and business. 
However, during the interview process, we discovered that these categories confused protects, who were far more interested in the products Clio offered and the firm sizes that Clio catered for.
After releasing the new, scalable Clio website, we saw an 18% increase in conversion rate within the first 3 months. 
We also saw a huge increase in lead generation and engagement with the site, and an increase in the sales of new and original products. 
Time spent on creating new pages was considerably reduced for all areas - from content, to design, and engineering - and there was a stronger sense of alignment and collaboration across teams going forward.

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