The 2018 Legal Trends Report had received really positive feedback - having been downloaded and read by thousands of legal professionals, however, this year we wanted to push the boundaries and take the report to the next level. 
I began the push to move the report from what had been a downloadable asset to an online experience, enabling our team to collect useful and fascinating data from readers of the report. What resonated with them? If they were dropping off mid way through the report, where and then been and why?
Considering readability, accessibility, and ease of communication, I began my research, looking into the most effective ways readers were consuming similar information on, and offline. During this process, I gained the understanding of the importance of moving slowly and considering the portion of the market who did prefer to download, and oftentimes even print out the report to read. 
Our target audience included a wide array of legal professionals, ranging from super tech savvy, to pen and paper filing systems. 
Taking strides forward from the year prior, but not pulling away too much from what we knew our customer base appreciated about our report over the past 4 years, the conclusion I drew from my research was that the best way forward was to finally enable those a little more tech savvy to enjoy an entirely online experience, whilst keeping the downloadable option available to whoever should need it.​​​​​​​
Other designers: Justin Chow
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